We believe the best teams are those made up of well-trained and motivated individuals who have a clear understanding of their roles, objectives and value.

Backed by a strong culture of empowerment, Neoscape has established a reputation for attracting industry leaders and shaping emerging talent who will deliver the highest quality outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders.

Energetic, dynamic and motivated, Neoscape’s team fosters a positive culture that stretches across the different regions and infiltrates project teams.

Our tight-knit team of experts is drawn from multiple disciplines including construction, architecture and design, development, engineering and commercial property to provide valued expertise and strategic advice at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Neoscape’s values of integrity, collaboration, trust and commitment represent the foundations of how we operate, communicate and integrate with our team, our clients and our industry partners.

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Mark Nathan Managing Director | Founder
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Darren Woolf Executive Director | Founder
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Dylan McCallum Director | NSW
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Rebecca Osterman Director | QLD
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Paul Andolfatto State Manager | SA
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Robyn Gilder People | Brand | Culture
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Luke Coulton Project Director | NSW
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Nick Panella Project Director | VIC
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Rory Walker Project Director | NSW
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Reece Mackie Project Director | NSW
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Richard Unsworth Project Director | VIC
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Melanie Velisha Project Director | VIC
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Lisa Zhang Project Design Director | NSW
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Bob Newberry Senior Project Manager | QLD
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Martin Kastengren Senior Project Manager | NSW
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Julian Russell Senior Project Manager | VIC
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Anthony Castle Senior Project Manager | VIC
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Ernie Du Plessis Senior Project Manager | NSW
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Noel Whaley Senior Project Manager | NSW
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James Mc Govern Senior Project Manager | SA
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Madison Bass Senior Project Manager | VIC
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Aaron Gust Senior Project Manager | VIC
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Jonathan Howell Senior Project Manager | NSW
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Catherine Jia Project Manager | NSW
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Robert Bradley Project Manager | SA
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Nicolas Bakas Project Manager | VIC
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Kate Perry Project Manager | QLD
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Dean Ristevski Project Manager | VIC
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John Hetreles Project Manager | NSW
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Clayton Thickett Project Manager | NSW
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Jennie Rivera Project Manager | VIC
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James Call Project Manager | QLD
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Abaseen Taniwal Project Manager | VIC
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Shannan Lapham Project Manager | VIC
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Aderson Tia Project Manager | NSW
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Sofiya Amira Project Manager | VIC
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Tim Young Project Manager | QLD
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Andrea Formella Project Manager | NSW
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Kira Freeman Project Manager | NSW
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Michael Scott Project Manager | NSW
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Jacob Bowden Project Manager | NSW
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Anna Pham Project Manager | NSW
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Sarthak Mohanty Project Coordinator | VIC
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Leya Eappen Project Coordinator | VIC
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Jiarui Song Project Coordinator | VIC
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Hollie Mathew Project Coordinator | NSW
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Serafin Suryadarma Project Coordinator | NSW
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Kyle Fitzgerald Project Coordinator | VIC
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Colette Hughes Project Coordinator | QLD
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Adrian Santoso Project Coordinator | NSW
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Isabella Rupolo Project Coordinator | NSW
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Eddie Chua Project Coordinator | NSW

Mark Nathan - Managing Director | Founder

Contact Mark Nathan      in  

+61 417 381 083

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Mark is well regarded for his leadership capabilities, his ability to form and lead strong, dynamic project teams, and his enviable reputation for the delivery of successful, award-winning projects earned through 30 years of experience in the construction and property industry.

Mark founded Neoscape in 2013, with fellow Director Darren Woolf, to provide the benefit of their extensive experience in project delivery and construction and a solution focused approach to the property industry in the delivery of development management, project management, and advisory services.

Prior to founding Neoscape, Mark enjoyed a career spanning over 22 years at Tier One Contractor, Probuild. Mark established Probuild’s Sydney office and was appointed to Probuild’s executive group in 2002. He became a minority shareholder in Probuild in 2005.

Throughout his career, Mark has been responsible for the successful procurement and delivery of a number of major national and award winning projects which has earned him a reputation for integrity, commitment and professionalism throughout the property industry.

Mark is an MGSM, MBA Graduate, an Unlimited Registered Building Practitioner with the Building Practitioners Board, Victoria, and an Unlimited Licensed Contractor with the Department of Fair Trading, New South Wales.

Darren Woolf - Executive Director | Founder

Contact Darren Woolf      in  

+61 417 312 266

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With over 30 years of construction and project delivery experience, Darren is highly regarded throughout the industry for his ability to successfully lead major construction projects and achieve exceptional project management outcomes.

Darren founded Neoscape in 2013 with fellow Director Mark Nathan, bringing a wealth of construction knowledge, project delivery experience and operational management expertise to the business. Prior to joining Neoscape, Darren had established himself as an industry leader with a career spanning over 25 years, including 17 years as a Senior Project Manager and Construction Manager with Probuild and more recently, Darren held the position of General Manager at Hacer Group where he was charged with the responsibility of developing the right structure and organisational management required to support the growth of the business with its 200 staff and 15 projects.

Darren has successfully delivered some of Australia’s most significant, challenging and award-winning projects. From inception through to procurement, design management and construction delivery, Darren has been responsible for exceptional outcomes on projects including: One40 Williams Street Commercial Office Tower and Retail for Cbus ($250m) which was acknowledged with various industry Awards for Excellence including AIB Western Australian Building Professional of the Year Award 2011 and MBA WA Excellence in Construction Award for Best Commercial Building over $10m.

Darren is an Unlimited Registered Building Practitioner with the Building Practitioners Board, Victoria.

Dylan McCallum - Director | NSW

Contact Dylan McCallum      in  

+61 407 836 745

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Dylan is a Director with over 17 years’ on-site and off-site experience in the successful delivery of complex capital projects and mixed use redevelopments. Dylan’s work to date includes key experience on complex public and private health, mixed use residential, commercial, scientific research and institutional projects.

Dylan has a strong focus on end-to-end project delivery, from initial due diligence, business case and feasibility through all stages of design and construction through to successful project completion.  He has consistently demonstrated an ability to effectively lead and efficiently manage multiple / complex developments, projects and associated tasks to achieve key time, cost and performance outcomes.  

Prior to joining Neoscape, Dylan had undertaken the role of Senior Project Manager for delivery of the Waterloo Estate and 600 Elizabeth Street Redfern Redevelopment projects for Land and Housing Corporation. Waterloo and Redfern are two of the key mixed-use redevelopment projects within the Government’s Communities Plus Program. 

Previous to the above, Dylan was the Senior Project Manager responsible for design and construction of a new 25,000m2 Clinical Services Building including mental health unit, severe burns, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), paediatrics, birthing, general in-patient accommodation, women’s and children’s ambulatory care as well as two dedicated operating theatres and associated support areas.

Rebecca Osterman - Director | QLD

Contact Rebecca Osterman      in  

+61 409 879 287

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Rebecca joined Neoscape in 2022 as State Manager in Queensland to lead the growth and development of our Brisbane office and projects.

Rebecca has over 15 years of experience in the project management industry within both the private and public sectors. She is a personable, energetic, holistic and client focused consultant, with extensive experience in the government, residential, health, retail, commercial, defence and infrastructure sectors with projects ranging in value from $1M to $500M. Rebecca thrives in a team environment and ensures a collaborative and enjoyable approach to all phases of the projects.

Rebecca brings a thorough knowledge and understanding of project management and contract methodologies through her involvement in all stages of the property development process. Rebecca has led major projects both as Project Manager and as Construction Manager, and with this comes a wealth of construction knowledge to apply to all projects as well as the ability to be agile in decision making.

As of June 2024, Rebecca has been promoted to Director of our Queensland operation. Since joining the Neoscape team in 2022, she has dedicated an admirably consistent level of enthusiasm, passion, and determination in establishing our team and client base in the state. Rebecca’s promotion is another exciting step towards a stable and prosperous future for the Queensland business and we have every confidence in its continued prosperity with her leading the strategy and delivery of our services.

Paul Andolfatto - State Manager | SA

Contact Paul Andolfatto      in  

+61 403 651 170

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Paul joined Neoscape in 2022 as State Manager in South Australia. Returning home to Adelaide following a 5-year stint in Sydney, he brings over 15 years’ diverse experience in project management and contracting, including planning, management and delivery of projects and programmes in the commercial, residential, retail, aged care and education property sectors.

With successful contribution to Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors, together with client-side project management, Paul is well versed in a variety of delivery methods such as D&C, Lump Sum and Managing Contractor, which will prove an invaluable asset to the team and projects alike. Paul’s leadership, down-to-earth demeanour and dynamic skill base are a fantastic addition to the South Australian business.

Robyn Gilder - People | Brand | Culture

Contact Robyn Gilder      in  

+61 482 463 091

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Robyn has over 13 years’ experience in human resources, with 7 years spent in the construction and property industry, in Australia and the UK. She brings a broad range of skills to her role including generalist HR, Talent Acquisition, People and Culture Development, Marketing and Brand Development.

A dynamic and skilful operator with a proven ability to add value across multiple facets of a business, Robyn possesses a deep passion for organisational excellence and is an MBA candidate at Melbourne Business School. Robyn believes brilliant people are the pillar of every successful business and building highly-skilled, fulfilled and engaged teams is what motivates her. Combining her creativity and tenacity, Robyn will drive the ongoing development of Neoscape’s People, Brand and Culture.


Luke Coulton - Project Director | NSW

Contact Luke Coulton      in  

+61 418 829 395

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Luke, an accomplished Project Director with Neoscape, has been pivotal in driving a wide range of successful projects, setting a precedent as the first Sydney-based member of the team. His deep-seated expertise in project management, client-side construction management, and technical problem-solving has been central to his track record of achieving remarkable project outcomes. Luke’s project portfolio is impressively diverse, encompassing high-end residential, commercial, adaptive reuse, industrial, and early learning projects, demonstrating his ability to navigate the complexities of various sectors.

Luke has significant experience in guiding teams towards the successful accomplishments of strategic goals in Sydney, his foresight helping him to identify and adeptly manage the technical and commercial intricacies inherent in complex projects. His commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has been instrumental in fostering strong relationships, culminating in the successful execution of projects for high-profile clients such as Fortis Development Group, Abacus Property Group, and select private clients. Luke’s background in business operations and stakeholder management further broadens his commercial perspective, enabling a holistic approach to project management.

Renowned for his vibrant energy and dedication to achieving high standards, Luke has a passion for overcoming the challenges of sophisticated projects and has a proven track record within the industry.

Nick Panella - Project Director | VIC

Contact Nick Panella      in  

+61 411 631 319

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Having worked across a range of property sectors including residential apartments, commercial mixed use and most recently hotels, Nick has developed a strong record of building positive, responsive client, team and supplier relationships that smooth the way to achieving successful projects.

Prior to joining Neoscape, Nick’s role was Development Manager for one of Australia’s leading Apartment Hotel businesses which focused on growing the Quest footprint nationally and including heading up the design and technical function of the business.

The broad role included negotiating pre-commitment deals with land owners and developers on sites. Preceding lease negotiations, responsibilities included site and development partner identification, feasibility analysis, design review and guidance to determine highest and best use.

Nick has developed exceptional stakeholder negotiation skills, meticulous project assessment brief preparation, budget and project management capabilities driven by a commercial and innovative approach.

Rory Walker - Project Director | NSW

Contact Rory Walker      in  

+61 479 134 425

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Rory is an ambitious Project Director with extensive experience of successfully managing and delivering new build and refurbishment construction projects across a broad range of sectors. He has experience across the entire project cycle, working with well-established consultancy firms and contractors in both the UK and Australia.

Rory has a proven ability to manage high-performance teams on complex projects, meeting key cost, time and quality client objectives. His true passion is for the technical aspects of project management, possessing a broad range of capability and a keen eye for detail. Rory’s ability to build strong relationships with key stakeholders and public agencies creates great outcomes for every project and sets him apart.

Reece Mackie - Project Director | NSW

Contact Reece Mackie      in  

+61 447 589 292

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Reece has a diverse range of experience in project delivery and property development working as a developer, client side project manager and contractor, with over 10 years experience in various sectors particularly in Government, residential, commercial and research. He also has experience in the hospitality, hotels, sports and recreation, arts and culture, heritage and infrastructure sectors.

Reece has proactively led the delivery of projects at all stages of their life cycle, with particular expertise in project feasibility, advisory, project planning, procurement and contracts administration. He has an intrinsic understanding of the fundamentals of project feasibility and delivery, and takes full responsibility for his projects and takes a hands-on approach to both delivery and advisory services to find solutions and deliver outcomes for the Client.

Reece has a keen interest in managing challenging projects and understands the importance of stakeholder engagement.

Richard Unsworth - Project Director | VIC

Contact Richard Unsworth      in  

+61 425 804 372

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Richard brings extensive management experience to his role of Project Director, having delivered many large and small scale projects in the Residential, Retail and Commercial sectors, together with Recreational facilities. He is equally capable of dealing directly with subcontractors on minor works through to managing the delivery team on large projects, such as West Side Place - Stage 1 and 2 at 250 Spencer St Melbourne, with a combined value of $1.4 billion.

Richard is skilled in all aspects of project delivery, from concept through to construction and into operations, specialising in Project Management and Contract Supervision particularly. 

Working for Builders, Developers and Consultants over the course of his career has given Richard a broad understanding of each parties’ requirements from the development and delivery process, and how to manage all members of the project team for the best interests of the client.  With degrees in both Architecture and Building, Richard also brings an innate understanding of design and construction, with the ability to clearly communicate and resolve any issues with the project team.

Melanie Velisha - Project Director | VIC

Contact Melanie Velisha      in  

+61 421 960 050

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Melanie joined Neoscape in 2023 bringing over 20+ years of industry experience in Project Consulting and Management in the Asset and Property Management space, having delivered successful projects across a range of sectors including commercial, retail, industrial and residential. Collaborating with all segments of agency, Melanie has depth of knowledge across Management and Operations, Risk, Leasing and Sustainability, ensuring that our clients are receiving premium and quality advice and service.

An instrumental lead with Institutional Clients, Melanie acts as a key lead on strategic planning with a focus on Asset Repositioning and Rejuvenation projects. With a strong design background, Melanie has led and delivered numerous architectural, refurbishment and technical projects from initial feasibility to concept design, through to completion.  

As a Project Director for Neoscape, Melanie uses her broad insight across the commercial asset space to strengthen our full service offering for clients, ensuring asset success, functionality and longevity beyond construction completion. 

Lisa Zhang - Project Design Director | NSW

Contact Lisa Zhang      in  

+61 421 157 127

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Lisa has performed as a highly competent Senior Project Manager who has significant experience in high-end residential, commercial, aged care, educational and retail projects in Australia and in the APAC region. Lisa has been promoted to Project Design Director and will take a strategic lead role during the design process for all projects of importance in the NSW business.

Lisa excels at stakeholder management and design management. Utilising her skills and expertise as a qualified Architect, Lisa is able to lead the project team to find practical design solutions and deliver quality outcomes for the project. She has lived and worked overseas, servicing the APAC region and has partnered with some of the world’s leading brands and developers delivering high pressured projects.

Having managed numerous projects from inception to handover, Lisa has a thorough understanding of each project life cycle. Lisa appreciates the collaborative nature of project management, ensuring strong communications and rapport with clients and consultants to deliver successful project outcomes.

Bob Newberry - Senior Project Manager | QLD

Contact Bob Newberry      in  

+61 416 207 878

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Bob joined Neoscape in 2022 as a Senior Project Manager in Brisbane. He brings 12 years of experience across development management, project management, and tenancy delivery to his role.  He has worked in multiple sectors including retail, mixed-use, residential and education, with a combination of contractor and client-side experience that has established his insightful and thorough approach to achieving best project outcomes.

Bob has developed considerable expertise in retail developments, having delivered both CBD and Super Regional centres for institutional property trusts, requiring strategic planning and staging in complex, live environments. Bob’s natural ability to build rapport and trust with his clients and stakeholders ensures open communication and alignment of project drivers and limitations – this offers Bob greater opportunity to problem-solve early in the project lifecycle, especially in the design phase, where he is experienced in managing a wide range of consultants and disciplines from concept to completion.

Joining the business to lead a significant mixed-use project in the heart of Brisbane, Bob is enthused by the challenge ahead of him and the opportunity he has to continue building on his wealth of project management skill.

Martin Kastengren - Senior Project Manager | NSW

Contact Martin Kastengren      in  

+61 404 230 388

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Martin joined Neoscape in 2022 as a Senior Project Manager. With his background in both contracting and client side roles, Martin brings developed expertise in design management, procurement, construction management, contract administration, project risk and stakeholder management.

Martin’s considered and process-driven approach, bolstered by a collaborative management style, ensures project success through detailed documentation and open communication. Martin is a team player who enjoys learning from colleagues and industry experts alike, analysing alternative insights and solutions to project challenges.

The wide range of projects and developments Martin has managed, including Hotel, Residential, Commercial, Sports and Recreation, together with his international experience gained in Stockholm, add great value and a unique viewpoint to his approach. Martin takes great pride in knowing that his input is instrumental in the successful delivery of a project, and this drives him to continue taking on new and exciting challenges.

Julian Russell - Senior Project Manager | VIC

Contact Julian Russell      in  

+61 419 582 515

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Julian joined Neoscape in 2021 bringing over 12 years’ experience working in the property development and construction industry. Having previously held roles with a developer, a tier 1 contractor and leading engineering design consultancy Julian has built a broad project management skill set.

Prior to Neoscape Julian was working as a Development Manager for a New York City based real estate developer. In this role Julian was responsible for managing the development process for several mixed use residential and commercial projects. Julian gained valuable experience developing Build-to-Rent assets with a focus on providing exceptional tenant amenity, located in highly sought-after inner-city locations. Earlier in his career Julian was employed with McConnell Dowell as a Project Engineer and gained extensive site-based experience delivering large scale projects in Victoria and Western Australia.

Julian holds a qualification in civil engineering and maintains a strong understanding of technical design principals combined with problem solving skills. Julian’s ability to build strong relationships across the entire project team helps deliver successful projects with high level client satisfaction.

Anthony Castle - Senior Project Manager | VIC

Contact Anthony Castle      in  

+61 421 633 206

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With a career that spans across Tier 1 Contractors and Global Development firms, Anthony has delivered projects within Residential, Education, Commercial, Retail, Public Space and custom office fit-out sectors. As an experienced project manager in Australia and Europe, Anthony shows dedication to ensuring that his teams embrace the challenges we face, see the opportunity to be creative and serve those we create projects for.

Anthony joined Neoscape in 2022 to bring his record of developing strong client relationships and a collaborative and supportive team environment to Neoscape’s valued projects and clients, ensuring a positive impact is felt throughout the delivery of each project.

With skills in stakeholder engagement and management, project brief and vision development, procurement, cost management and team leadership, Anthony has demonstrated that his projects excel with a mutually beneficial and common goal across the entire project team and push the limits of innovation, best practice and targeted outcomes.

Ernie Du Plessis - Senior Project Manager | NSW

Contact Ernie Du Plessis      in  

+61 420 822 572

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Ernie joined Neoscape with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry and a strong understanding and capability of delivering a range of projects. He has built a solid foundation of skills that allow him to draw on his experience to deliver a range of unique, complex and time sensitive projects. He has a key understanding and appreciates the fundamental principles of successful project management including clear communication, stakeholder engagement, quality, time and cost management.

Ernie has experience working in contractor roles as well as extensive experience working in client-side project management. He has worked with a diverse range of clients including strata corporations, government agencies, private corporations and head contractors, allowing him to cater each project to the client’s specific needs. His experience includes multi-residential, mixed use, commercial, retail and hotel projects across all stages of the project life cycle.

Ernie is dedicated to continuing to develop and improve his skills whilst contributing to each project by providing valuable input based on his experience. He understands the importance of creating an environment that encourages open contribution from all project members to maximise resource capabilities and optimise project outcome. He is committed to delivering high quality projects that exceed client expectations. His attention to detail, focus on due diligence and adaptive management style all contribute to him providing a high level of service capable of exceptional results. 

Noel Whaley - Senior Project Manager | NSW

Contact Noel Whaley      in  

+61 487 170 923

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Noel joined Neoscape in 2023 as a PMP-certified Senior Project Manager bringing over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry, with a sound technical, managerial and building background, having previoulsy worked as an engineer.

Noel utilises his excellent organisational and communication skills to lead teams and ensure high quality projects are delivered to clients’ and stakeholders’ requirements by owning all stages of project lifecycle from inception through to closing, delivering projects that exceed expectations, on time and on budget. Noel has worked for various Government Agencies as well as private developers.

Strong construction management and superintendent abilities are the hallmarks of Noel’s approach. He keeps his clients’ interests at top of mind and undertakes everything in his power to ensure their objectives are met and value is created at every turn.

James Mc Govern - Senior Project Manager | SA

Contact James Mc Govern      in  

+61 477 944 623

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James joined Neoscape in 2023 as a Senior Project Manager bringing over 13 years of industry experience to the role ranging from hands on site experience through to project management consulting. He has excellent project management and interpersonal skills, with proven experience in leading and managing multi-disciplinary design teams and contractors through all phases of construction. James has worked with a broad range of clients including Google, Live Nation, GSA / Yugo, Iconic Offices, Limerick Twenty Thirty DAC, Blackstone, Marlet Property Group and Ballymore Properties Limited.

James moved to Adelaide in 2009 where he spent 5 years working on large scale construction projects before commencing his PM career with a remedial builder in Sydney, specialising in high end projects; all of which were completed in a live environment. Back in Ireland in 2017, James commenced his career in PM Consultancy, managing various projects from conception, through planning, detailed design, tender, construction, and handover on behalf of local and international clients, with values up to $575m. He has also acted as Superintendent, Contract Administrator and Employer’s Representative on multiple projects.

James joins Neoscape with a wealth of knowledge and an infectious drive to accomplish great outcomes in the Adelaide market.

Madison Bass - Senior Project Manager | VIC

Contact Madison Bass      in  

+61 488 280 188

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Madison has broad experience in the property development and construction industry, delivering a diverse range of residential, commercial and mixed-use projects for Neoscape since 2017, complemented by his background in prestige home design, land development, volume home building and civil engineering.

Madison’s combination of experiences paired with his dynamic approach to project delivery has seen him deliver exceptional results for clients across a range of sectors and assets including boutique tenancy fitouts, community housing, luxury residential, heritage and art precincts. He builds lasting relationships and has worked closely with key clients on a repeat basis, delivering multiple projects from concept design through to completion, notably across a diverse collection of bespoke residential developments for Fortis Development Group.

Driven by his passion for creating liveable spaces of the highest quality, Madison has proven himself to be a highly effective Senior Project Manager, with his problem-solving skills and keen eye for detail proving invaluable in his role. Holding qualifications in both Construction Management (Honours) and Building Design (Architectural), Madison combines high quality design detailing methods with the implementation of practical and functional solutions within his projects, ensuring the utmost quality and finish for final project delivery.



Aaron Gust - Senior Project Manager | VIC

Contact Aaron Gust     

+61 499 773 180

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Following an education in architecture, Aaron offers extensive knowledge surrounding the built environment with experience in both design and construction-based positions.

Aaron joined Neoscape in 2017 bringing with him an enthusiastic attitude and strong work ethic. Operating across a range of both residential and commercial projects, Aaron is driven to achieve high quality outcomes that consider optimised solutions for clients and end users. With an eye for detail and thorough understanding of the development process, Aaron has proven experience delivering projects from concept design through to handover across a range of boutique developments.

Aaron’s attention to detail and ability to respond to varying client priorities has proven to be a highly valued skillset, consistently resulting in the delivery of high-end solutions. The application of both functional and design driven outcomes within his projects ensures that the utmost quality and finish is delivered. These qualities allow Aaron to be a valuable team member, taking every opportunity to further his knowledge and drive for client satisfaction.

Jonathan Howell - Senior Project Manager | NSW

Contact Jonathan Howell      in  

+61 400 128 318

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Jonathan joins Neoscape with over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry on both the client-side and for Tier 1 head contractor’s delivering large scale projects within the commercial, aged care, recreational, educational and health sectors.

Jonathan has a strong background in complex construction having developed a deep understanding of project risk and effective problem solving. He draws on his practical experience of site-based delivery in complex negotiations as the foundation for effective contract administration and management of the contractor.

 Jonathan has strong working knowledge of the development planning process and has managed detailed public and private stakeholder relationships through a number of planning processes with the Department of Planning and Environment in NSW.

Catherine Jia - Project Manager | NSW

Contact Catherine Jia      in  

+61 420 965 432

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Catherine joined Neoscape in 2020 as a Project Coordinator with an Architectural background. She has recently graduated with a Master of Project Management (Major: Construction) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Prior to joining Neoscape, Catherine worked as a Junior Consultant at Tracey Brunstom & Hammond where she gained valuable experience and skills working on a variety of projects including Infrastructure and Construction. Catherine is skilled in the use of project management and planning software. Previous to TBH, Catherine developed her ability to be thorough and pay attention to detail in her role as an Architectural Assistant.

With the dedicated support of her mentors at Neoscape, Catherine will continue to increase her knowledge in the field of Project Management.

Robert Bradley - Project Manager | SA

Contact Robert Bradley      in  

+61 421 706 212

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Robert joined Neoscape in 2022 bringing over 13 years’ experience working in the commercial Architectural industry. With experience in a broad range of Architectural sectors, Robert offers extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the processes and inputs required to deliver well integrated and considered projects. He leverages and applies his broad range of experience across Civic, Residential, Education, and Retail sectors to drive the collaboration and design processes and achieve high quality outcomes.

Robert’s focus is in developing strong relationships with clients, stakeholders, and the project team. He takes great pride in achieving the best outcome for all by maintaining a balanced approach with his clients, end users, and the project team. With his technical design and problem-solving skills, great foresight and continual enquiry, Robert strives to always deliver outcomes that enhance the user experience and positively contribute to the built environment.

Nicolas Bakas - Project Manager | VIC

Contact Nicolas Bakas      in  

+61 499 555 574

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Nicolas embarked on his journey with Neoscape in 2018 upon the culmination of his Construction Management studies. Prior to joining Neoscape, Nic worked as a Quantity Surveyor, gaining invaluable experience and foundational skills in cost management, cost analysis and cost control.

Since joining Neoscape, Nicolas has showcased his versatility across various sectors including Commercial, Residential, and Industrial developments. Notably, he was involved in an office project featuring Australia’s first solar façade, which sets an exemplary standard for sustainable innovation in the industry. Nic’s commitment to fostering enduring client relationships is evident through his involvement in delivering multiple projects within the Storage King portfolio. From conceptualisation to realisation, Nic demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the project lifecycle, ensuring seamless project execution and client satisfaction.

Recognised for his dedicated and detail-oriented approach, Nicolas consistently strives to achieve exceptional results for Neoscape’s clients. His enthusiasm, collaborative mindset, and attention to detail ensures he forms a successful and productive team on every project.

Kate Perry - Project Manager | QLD

Contact Kate Perry      in  

+61 401 325 722

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Kate joined Neoscape in 2022, bringing over 13 years’ experience in the construction industry, within project management, architectural and engineering disciplines. She is energetic, authentic, accountable, and strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for the client and project stakeholders alike.

Kate has experience within commercial, retail, residential and government projects, and is well versed in delivering projects within live operating environments. Kate is both highly motivated and proactive, with excellent organisational and communication skills.

With a keen awareness and drive to understand her client’s needs, Kate has an unwavering commitment to ensure that her clients experience throughout all project phases is simplified.

Dean Ristevski - Project Manager | VIC

Contact Dean Ristevski      in  

+61 431 153 656

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Dean joined Neoscape with over eight years of experience in the construction industry and has a strong track record of delivering projects end-to-end, with a solid understanding of the full project lifecycle. Dean has worked across multiple sectors, including commercial, education, government, research facilities and industrial projects. 

Dean’s diverse skill set, underpinned by a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, has been developed through varied project delivery ranging from major redevelopments through to technical infrastructure and research laboratory upgrades. 

Dean’s strengths lie in a detailed understanding of project management principles, strong communications skills and a keen focus on stakeholder management.



John Hetreles - Project Manager | NSW

Contact John Hetreles      in  

+61 433 436 297

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John joined Neoscape in 2022, bringing over 6 years of experience in both head contractor and client-side roles. With a strong track record of successfully delivering diverse and complex projects, John has developed a great depth of design management and construction management skill through his Project Engineer roles on high-rise residential, industrial and education projects.

John’s conscientiousness and attention to detail ensure care and attention on every project he leads, producing consistently high outcomes. His responsibility for producing, monitoring, and driving programme activities to achieve completion in line with key construction and project milestones has built a deep understanding of best practice construction methodology.

With sound contract administration and superintendency experience, John brings great value in the delivery phase of his projects, using excellent communication and reasoning skills to navigate issues and find solutions.

Clayton Thickett - Project Manager | NSW

Contact Clayton Thickett      in  

+61 481 151 951

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Clayton joined Neoscape in 2023 as a Project Manager bringing 5 years of industry experience to the role.

Before joining Neoscape, Clayton built his foundation working across multiple disciplines. Starting out as a supplier for major infrastructure projects such as Westconnex and the Northern Road project, Clayton then went into project management for a town planning, engineering and architectural firm managing the delivery of 35 projects over two years. Clayton’s project experience ranges across commercial, industrial and apartment buildings throughout New South Wales.

Clayton values transparency within a project to ensure open communication and critical thinking, as well as engaging actively and consistently with his clients to form strong relationships. His attention to detail throughout the design and documentation process allows for an efficient project outcome without compromising quality. An avid learner, Clayton is eager to continue growing his expertise with Neoscape.

Jennie Rivera - Project Manager | VIC

Contact Jennie Rivera      in  

+61 432 148 150

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Jennie joined Neoscape in 2022 as Project Manager. Having commenced her career in residential interiors and design, and after developing a strong passion for bringing projects to life, she took her journey into the construction industry to further her experience.

Over the past 7 years, Jennie broadened her project management practice through administering the development of Dockland’s Collins Square precinct, in addition to successfully delivering upgrade works for NAB branches nationwide. Jennie brings strong management skills in fitout and refurbishment projects, leading projects for several well-known occupier and investor clients, and offers valuable experience and perspectives in these disciplines alongside many others.

Possessing a strong work ethic and exceptional skills in stakeholder and client engagement, Jennie consistently strives for project accomplishments and client satisfaction. The key to her success is valuing and always building upon relationships, her meticulous approach and attention to detail, and enabling positivity through all facets of project delivery.

James Call - Project Manager | QLD

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James joined Neoscape in 2023 with 8 years of experience in project and construction management.  Beginning his career journey working as a Site Manager for one of London’s best known residential developers on large scale master planned new build developments, James then came to Australia to continue his career, moving into client-side project management and developing expertise in commercial refurbishment and upgrade works.

James is a competent, self-motivated project manager who enjoys leading a project team and taking his clients on the journey through the project lifecycle to achieve their desired outcomes. With experience managing a wide range of projects including full building refurbishment, multiple landlord base building and services upgrades, and tenancy fit outs in live operational environments, James has built valuable technical knowledge alongside key strategic planning and processes to drive projects from concept through to practical completion and add value along the way.

With a great depth of project management understanding and compelling interpersonal skills, James is able to rapidly build positive relationships with his clients and the stakeholder team to achieve the best possible outcome for the project.

Abaseen Taniwal - Project Manager | VIC

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Abaseen joined Neoscape in 2021 with a rich blend of practical and theoretical experience having worked in the residential construction sector throughout his studies, graduating from RMIT with a Bachelor of Construction Management and a Diploma of Building and Construction in 2020.

Since joining Neoscape, Abaseen has progressively accumulated valuable experience delivering key projects from concept design through to construction completion for a range of clients in the commercial and residential sectors. Recognised for his diligent work ethic, sense of responsibility and eagerness to learn, Abaseen has cultivated a positive work attitude. His commitment to ongoing development culminated in his promotion to the role of Project Manager in July 2023, underscoring his continuous growth within the company.

As Project Manager, Abaseen combines practical expertise with academic foundations, excelling in overseeing projects, demonstrating collaborative leadership, pragmatic problem-solving, and meticulous attention to detail.

Shannan Lapham - Project Manager | VIC

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Shannan joined Neoscape in 2021, having undertaken studies in both Architecture and Construction Management at Deakin University. Furthering her education, she recently graduated with a Master of Architecture (Design Management). 

Organised and meticulous in her work approach, Shannan brings with her a strong work ethic, creativity and keen eye for detail. With enthusiasm and dedication, she always strives to take initiative, work collaboratively within teams and contribute value to projects. 

Shannan is committed to advancing her skills and knowledge in Project Management with Neoscape's mentoring and support. 

Aderson Tia - Project Manager | NSW

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Aderson joined Neoscape in 2022 and holds a Bachelor of Construction Project Management (Honours) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Before joining Neoscape, he gained 4 years industry experience working in Project Engineer and Quantity Surveying roles, providing him with valuable experience and skills working on private education, high-rise residential, health and industrial projects. This experience in cost management, combined with his attention to detail, hard work and dedication, provided a solid foundation on which to build.

Aderson’s knowledge of the construction phase and associated contract management was enhanced through the successful delivery of his first project as Project Manager, following promotion in July 2023, in the industrial sector for a valued client. Following the handover of this project, Aderson obtained end-to-end experience from this project and familiarised himself with the key processes relating to planning, local authorities, design management, contract administration, and stakeholder management. Through navigation of the challenging economic and climate-related impacts experienced on this project, Aderson was able to develop his efficient and flexible project management style to deliver a successful outcome for all.


Sofiya Amira - Project Manager | VIC

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Sofiya joined Neoscape in 2022 and brings 8 years of project delivery and contract administration to her role as Project Manager. With diverse experience across education, commercial office, refurbishment and cladding, high end residential and townhouse developments, she has developed a dynamic approach to navigating project complexities across wide-ranging disciplines.

Sofiya’s tireless attention to detail and dedication to her work has afforded her the opportunity to work side by side with some of Neoscape’s most experienced senior teams on our flagship projects, honing a set of core project management principles that she applies consistently to ensure repeated project success across varying scopes and demographics.

Sofiya holds a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Construction Management (First Class Honours) and has a strong interest in sustainability, which has inspired her previous research on Construction Waste Management in Australia that was acknowledged by RICS Australia.

Tim Young - Project Manager | QLD

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Tim is an experienced and qualified professional in the construction industry. Throughout his career, he has developed a strong track record of leading design teams and delivering successful projects in various industries. Tim has extensive qualifications in Architecture, Design, and Project Management from The Queensland University of Technology.

Many key highlights of Tim’s career came while working in the Middle East, notably as a Design Manager for a master developer. In this position, Tim successfully launched and delivered to the market a mix of over 800 units and villas, which amounted to over $300 million in real estate value. The developments included beach clubs, canals, pontoons, jetties, amenities, parks and recreation. Tim was accountable for the design, feasibility and execution of these projects.

Tim was also involved in the masterplan of 33 million square metres of land; this included planning for real estate, schools, universities, hospitals, and major infrastructure projects. This feasibility also included a cost study that projected out a 30-year program to develop the land into a resort township, identifying to board members and stakeholders which  projects would be required in sequence.

Back in Australia, Tim had recently pivoted from the design field into project management as a Project Coordinator at Neoscape and since progressed to a Project Manager. He is consistently learning and developing his knowledge of the construction industry in his role, and is in the process of obtaining a national and international accreditation in Project Management.

Andrea Formella - Project Manager | NSW

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Andrea joined Neoscape in 2023 as a seasoned property professional with a dynamic skill set spanning project management, deep architectural understanding and strategic problem-solving. With over five years of project management experience, Andrea blends creativity with precision to deliver exceptional results.

Andrea’s architectural background underscores her meticulous attention to detail in design and documentation. She started her career working for real estate developers in Berlin before transitioning to a client-side Project Manager role in Sydney, where she delivered a spectrum of projects, ranging from residential and commercial ventures to complex IT infrastructure projects. Her commitment to client satisfaction, quality outcomes and to building strong relationships drive excellence in project delivery.

Kira Freeman - Project Manager | NSW

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Kira joined Neoscape in 2024 as a Project Manager with a Bachelor of Project Management from USYD. With over 4 years of prior experience working on both the head contractor and consultancy side, she has delivered complex and detailed laboratory, health, manufacturing and commercial projects closely tailored to the clients’ needs. Kira is confident working in live environments and is flexible to adapt to specific project requirements.

Within a short time frame, Kira was entrusted to lead her onsite projects and quickly developed core competencies in contract administration, tendering, stakeholder engagement and construction management. These skills bolster her deep understanding of the project delivery process and enable her to provide tailored solutions to clients. Her devotion and drive to achieving positive outcomes is matched by her excellent organisational and communication skills. Kira is excited to further develop her knowledge and expertise with Neoscape to deliver exceptional results for her clients across the entire project lifecycle.

Michael Scott - Project Manager | NSW

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Michael brings almost 10 years construction industry experience to Neoscape, having successfully delivered projects on both the developer and main contractor sides. His expertise spans a broad range of projects across the residential, nuclear and civil (road, rail, water and light-rail) sectors.

As a Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, his keen eye for detail and robust technical understanding contribute to an effective ability to overcome complex operational and buildability challenges. His adeptness in project planning, design management, cost management and procurement underscores his ability to deliver projects within budget and on schedule. Michael’s residential experience includes new build, high-end and heritage adapted apartment developments for which he was the Lead Project Manager overseeing multi-disciplinary teams.

Michael has a natural aptitude for effective communication and fosters cross-functional collaboration to facilitate seamless coordination of key project deliverables among consultants, stakeholders and within his own project team. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in achieving high quality delivery outcomes and exceeding client expectations.

Jacob Bowden - Project Manager | NSW

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Jacob joined Neoscape in 2024 as a Project Manager. An accomplished Project Management professional and Licensed Architectural Designer with a Master of Architecture degree, he brings over eight years of extensive experience in both architectural and client-side project management. His robust skill set blends creative design with strategic problem-solving, developed through a solid educational foundation and professional expertise.

Jacob has consistently led projects from conceptualisation to successful completion, ensuring meticulous management across planning, design, execution, monitoring, and closure. He excels in design management, quality assurance, and complex project stream coordination. His client-centric approach prioritises clear communication and efficient execution, while his collaborative style fosters open dialogue and leverages diverse viewpoints to enhance outcomes.

Adept at navigating dynamic project environments, Jacob maintains a focus on client satisfaction. His international experience and diverse project portfolio equip him with a unique perspective and a flexible management style, making him an invaluable asset to any team.

Anna Pham - Project Manager | NSW

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Anna joined Neoscape in 2024 as a Project Manager bringing over nine years’ experience in the construction industry to the role, with a background in both head contractor and client-side project management.

Anna has been involved in a wide range of projects and developments including mixed-use commercial, residential, education and tenancy fit outs. She is passionate about bringing projects to life, utilising her expertise in design management, procurement, construction management, contract administration, and risk and stakeholder management across the many facets of project delivery.

Through her attention to detail, methodical and holistic approach, Anna strives towards creating only positive experiences and outcomes, and is excited to build strong relationships with clients at Neoscape to deliver exceptional projects.

Sarthak Mohanty - Project Coordinator | VIC

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Sarthak joined Neoscape as a Graduate Project Coordinator in November 2021. Sarthak has considerable international experience studying in Japan, India, and most recently in Australia where he completed his Master’s Degree in Project Management with Distinction from RMIT University. His 2 years’ experience as a Junior Architect saw him involved with Residential, Industrial and Education projects for both Private and Public sector clients.

To complement his studies, Sarthak became a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Melbourne Chapter where he has achieved formal recognition in some work development programs. To further hone his Project Management skills, he also acquired the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification. Sarthak has a constant desire to improve his networking skills and is always on the lookout for professional development opportunities.

Sarthak’s career goal is to continually expand his experience and skills through dedication, hard work, and an eagerness to learn at a professional level in the construction project management industry.


Leya Eappen - Project Coordinator | VIC

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Leya joined Neoscape in 2022 as a Graduate Project Coordinator. She holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management from RMIT University and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  

Prior to joining Neoscape, Leya gained industry experience working in a Project Coordinator role for an engineering consultancy, managing sustainable energy solution roll outs for government sector clients, providing her with valuable process, governance and administration skills in the built environment.

Leya has a strong work ethic and is highly organised. With collaboration and dedication, she is keen to develop skills in project management at a holistic level to deliver the best outcomes for projects.

Jiarui Song - Project Coordinator | VIC

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Jiarui joined Neoscape as a Project Coordinator in 2022. She holds a Master of Construction Management and Bachelor of Environments (Architecture) from the University of Melbourne.

Prior to working at Neoscape, Jiarui developed her professional skills by undertaking internships in the construction and banking industries which, combined with her educational background, have given her a good understanding of the design and construction industry at a holistic level that she is keen to develop into practical skill.

Jiarui is an enthusiastic learner with a strong work ethic who aims to bring strong organisation and administration support to her role whilst continuing to expand her skills at Neoscape to deliver exceptional project management solutions for clients.

Hollie Mathew - Project Coordinator | NSW

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Hollie joined Neoscape in 2022 as a Project Coordinator and has completed a Master of Project Management (Major: Construction) at the University of Technology Sydney (2022) and a Bachelor of Architecture and Environments from The University of Sydney (2019).

Prior to joining Neoscape, Hollie worked as a Project Delivery Assistant at Harvey Norman Commercial where she learnt valuable skills in planning, communication and delivery. Working across a variety of industries, she gained a well-rounded understanding of the Property and Development field.

Hollie is an ambitious and driven individual with a passion for large-scale, complex developments. Guided by her prior education and work experience, she is keen to learn more about the Project Management Industry and be part of the Neoscape team.

Serafin Suryadarma - Project Coordinator | NSW

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Serafin joined Neoscape as a Project Coordinator in September 2022 after earning her Bachelor of Architectural Studies with Distinction from UNSW. Her academic journey was marked by consistent recognition for excellence, earning consecutive Dean’s List awards from 2019 to 2022. Her tenure at HDR saw her contribute to diverse projects spanning the health, defence, education, advanced technologies, and hospitality sectors for Private and Public sector clients.

With a keen focus on professional growth, she has acquired essential skills in design coordination, contract administration and stakeholder management. Amidst the varying demands of projects, Serafin has proven her reliability and ability to think laterally. Through her dedicated management of project intricacies, she ensures smooth operations and fosters client satisfaction and trust. Guided by her appreciation for design and fuelled by a drive to achieve exceptional results, Serafin’s journey at Neoscape is strengthening her ability to adapt to project specific requirements at all phases of the lifecycle.

With Neoscape’s guidance, Serafin aims to leverage her keen eye for detail, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to make meaningful contributions to the evolving landscape of the property industry.

Kyle Fitzgerald - Project Coordinator | VIC

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Kyle joined Neoscape in 2023, having completed a Bachelor of Science and is currently undertaking a further Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management.

Kyle’s experience of working within a project team was obtained in the events industry, where he occupied managerial positions at several major events throughout the UK. His experience in the major events industry, knowledge gained through university, and strong work ethic will prove to be an asset in successful project delivery.

Kyle takes pride in his ability to communicate effectively with people across all levels of the project team to ensure that client requirements are fulfilled. This, combined with his calm demeanour and diligent approach, provide a great foundation for his career with Neoscape.

Colette Hughes - Project Coordinator | QLD

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Colette joined Neoscape in 2023 as a Project Coordinator, following two years as an Interior Designer working with a range of clients across the Sunshine Coast. Having graduated from QUT in 2019 with a Bachelor of Design Majoring in Interior Design, minoring in Architecture, Colette has commenced studies in a Graduate Certificate in Project Management after her transition into the project management field.

As an Interior Designer, Colette’s strengths were her client relationship management and project coordination to ensure the best outcome for the client. Colette looks forward to bringing her analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, traits developed as a designer working across a varying scope and scale, to the project management industry.

Adrian Santoso - Project Coordinator | NSW

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Adrian joined Neoscape in 2023 as a Project Coordinator and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from UNSW Sydney.

Prior to joining Neoscape, Adrian gained two years’ industry experience working as an Assistant Project Manager in a project management consultancy, providing him with valuable experience working on education, defence, commercial and critical infrastructure projects. This exposure, gained through a wide range of sectors and clients, has given him a good understanding of the construction industry and the broad stakeholder management requirements. Adrian has enjoyed applying the technical skills he gained during his studies to the discipline and progressing into autonomous task management on his projects.

Adrian is an enthusiastic learner and is committed to providing exceptional administrative support to his projects. He is keen to grow his knowledge and understanding of the various sectors in which Neoscape are engaged as he progresses through his career.

Isabella Rupolo - Project Coordinator | NSW

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Isabella joined Neoscape in 2023 as a Project Coordinator and holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Interior Architecture with First Class Honours from the University of New South Wales.

Prior to joining Neoscape, Isabella gained experience with a tier one national architecture and interiors firm on projects across various sectors including high end residential, hospitality, workplace, and aged care. Her experience in design instilled in her a keen eye for detail and valuable collaboration and communication skills to balance diverse outcomes across a breadth of stakeholders.

Isabella is a driven and ambitious individual, passionate about the built environment and the development of local communities. Her positive work ethic and commitment to quality drives considered and positive project outcomes.


Eddie Chua - Project Coordinator | NSW

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+61 404 238 284

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Eddie joined Neoscape in 2024 and holds a Bachelor of Construction Management from UNSW Sydney, graduating with Distinction and a Dean’s List award in recognition of his academic excellence.

Prior to joining Neoscape, Eddie worked as a site and project engineer for a Tier 2 head contractor, gaining 4 years of on-site construction experience and building foundational skills in contracts administration, quality assurance and project delivery across multiple high rise multi-residential projects. Eddie, being determined to ensure the successful delivery of the project at the highest level, has been highly appreciated for his commitment, dedication, and reliability through even the most challenging times.

Endorsed for his strong work ethic, problem solving skills and desire for a positive client relationship, Eddie has always strived to take initiative and exceed expectations. His commitment to continuous professional development drives him to optimise every opportunity to further his knowledge and become a valuable asset to the Neoscape team.